Hazel Bishop 

Hazel Bishop is Stephany Colunga's first hand-fabricated metal jewelry collection. 

With the hope to instill wonder in each object with her original design aesthetic, she combines many elements including quartz crystal, exotic woods, mixed metals (primarily alloys: brass, copper, and nickel), vertebrae bone, and bismuth crystals.  Rare In Nature, bismuth is an extraordinary natural element, known as a strong healing crystal said to facilitate a state of oneness, concentration, serenity, vitality, enjoyment of travel, and stimulating group connectedness. 

The crystals are made from 99 percent pure bismuth. These intricately geometric hopper crystals reflect a full spectrum of colors through an iridescent oxide tarnish-- displaying stunning ranges of pinks, blues, yellows and greens. Typically laboratory grown, Colunga grows the crystals herself, making each piece very distinct from the next.

Photos by: Nightengale photography