Stephany Colunga is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist based out of Chicago, Illinios.  She has been designing clothing and costume since 2002, eventually expanding into jewelry design. She has created a variety of collections using vintage jewelry and repurposed materials for her Faux Pas line and exotic hand-cut woods for her Madera line.

Set with a passionate curiosity, she finds artistic inspiration through travel, from the abundant range of people, places, history, culture and materials . Her designs are influenced by the beauty she finds in the people she has met and the landscapes she has explored.  With her art she hopes to give back to the things that inspire her the most.

Each piece of her jewelry is a unique piece of art ,  possessing a quality of mystery, reminiscent of discovered artifacts. They are like treasures, evoking a feeling that there is an untold story behind their craft and creation. 

The new Modern Relics 2.0 collection masterfully pushes its themes and material further than ever. All COLUNGA Jewelry materials are sourced ethically, using high quality metals and precious stones, including rubies, emeralds, 14k gold and silver.